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As you will undoubtably be aware, the Government is taking the decision to introduce a short lockdown across England known as a “circuit break” to help to slow down the spread of Covid-19.

As an essential business, Master Auto Glass will continue to operate from our Branches across the United Kingdom during this time to support our Customers and keep vital fleets and health-workers on the road. We are pleased to confirm that we will make every effort to continue to trade as normal.

You will no doubt be aware that a face-mask policy is in place at all of our Branches, and our Drivers will always wear PPE when making their deliveries.

We know that you will also do your very best to maintain hygiene safety at your delivery points. It is clearly in all of our interests to work together.

Should we have to make any changes to our Branch opening times, or operating routes, we will update you regularly, and our Branch staff will of course be able to keep you up to date if or when any changes to service are made. We will continue to work with you of course and would ask that you maintain daily contact with our Branches during this difficult period.

As we learned during phase 1 of this pandemic, communication will be key, and we give you our assurances that we will do our very best to meet the challenges that we will undoubtedly all face.

Thank you for your support.

Master Auto Glass Ltd

Master Auto Glass

Master Auto Glass

Independent specialist STOCKIST and DISTRIBUTOR of replacement automotive glass and glazing accessories.

We have been supplying glass and associated glazing products to the UK vehicle glazing aftermarket for more than 30 years.

Our Customers include leading UK glass installation networks, independent installers and ATA-accredited vehicle body-shops. We stock, we distribute, and we export.

We aim to support and develop trust with our Customers through the core principles of honesty, reliability and flexibility.

We have a simple motto: If we can do it we will.  If we can’t do it we will try.